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It restores lost moisture and softens dry, rough skin. Dermatologist-recommended

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U-Kerato is an effective medication for dry skin relief.

U-Kerato Cream Soften and soothe distressed, dry skin.

U-Kerato Therapeutic Cream With concentrated  Urea.


U-Kerato Contains the active ingredient, Urea, this  Urea Cream is now available in full prescription strength. Urea is ideal for softening and thinning rough and severely dry skin often associated with such conditions as dermatitis, keratosis, xerosis, psoriasis, and calluses, as well as damaged and ingrown nails. Good for areas like elbows, knees, and feet that are too dry to respond to routine moisturizers.

Our new U-Kerato Cream is unique in that it is lighter than other similar preparations. The addition of other ingredients like Birch ext., Glycerine, and Lanoline helps to dissolve the Urea making for a less chalky cream, aiding in patient compliance.
U-Kerato is Recommended to use by the following  Skin Types :

  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Xerosis
  • Keratosis Pilaris
  • Ichthyosis
  • Eczema
  • Dry, rough skin

Properties and action

  • Eliminates roughness &dryness of skin and feet
  • Fast-acting relief for cracked skin, heels, and elbows
  • Soothing &softens the skin, and acts as a skin conditioner
  • Restores moisture to help return skin to a healthy condition.
  • Protects the skin from bacterial or fungal infections.

Directions for use

  • For dry skin: Apply the cream on the affected area, massage gently and leave to dry, repeat twice-three daily
  • For cracked feet: wash the feet with warm water, then dry them apply the cream over the affected area twice daily,spread gently, and allow for 15 minutes to dry
  • For best results: after applying the cream to the feet ,put on plain socks (cotton) and leave them on overnight to keep feet moisturized


Skin dryness

Cracked& rough skin, heels, elbows, and soles.

topical (skin-applied) creams may be very effective and safe to use on psoriasis



U-Kerato is available in both a 30gm and 50-gm tube

  • Contra-indications, warning:
  • U-Kerato cream with no reported side effects;

Keep at room temperature & keep out of reach of children



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