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Laugh baby cream

Laugh baby cream

Laugh baby cream

THe most specific Diaper Rash cream.


Olive oil-Micronaized zinc oxide-panthenol-chamomile.

Laugh baby cream Safe formula to  soothe and protect skin so, used  in:-




Apply layer of the cream 2-3 times daily or according to the physicians recommendation.

In diaper rash  you must Repeat application with each diaper change.

Check your baby's diaper frequently, especially offer every feeding, and change it as soon as possible when soiledor wet.


Plastic tube of 50 gm.

Side effects: -

There are no side effects.

Contra indications::-

Hypersensitivity to any components of the product.


  • Diaper rash (napkin dermatitis )
    •    Scaled skin.
    •    Fissured nipples
    •    Minor burns, sun burns.
    •    Insect bite .