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Son Free Lotion


Son Free lotion

Antipruritic effect / Anti-inflammatory / Soothing / Anti-histaminic preparation.

Composition:Zinc oxide , Aloe Ext ,Calndeula Ext , Dimethicone ,Panthenol, Olive oil,Nigella sativa and Chamomile  extract.

Sonfree preparations contain a variety of ingredients, which have proved to be great value in the treatment of Skin urticaria, rash, sun burns and diaper rash  .

Son free contains the following ingredients:

-Zinc oxide:has antiseptic,astringent and soothing properties

It provides a mechanical protective barrier on the damaged skin.

- Chamomile Extract :

Strong and potent anti-inflammatory, which  has cortisone like action without any side effects.beside its effects as antibacterial &anti fungal, Moreover it has  soothing effect which gives  calming sensation.

-Aloe Ext :  soothing, moisturizing, and healing properties with anti-inflammatory effect.

-Dimethicone:  Moisturizer treats and prevents dry scaly and itchy skin.

  -Calndeula Ext :has anti-viral, anti-genotoxic, and anti-inflammatory properties. used topically to treat acne, reducing inflammation,  and soothing irritated tissue.

-Olive Oil : has anti-oxidant and soothing effect.

Panthenol:has good skin penetration so used as a humectant, emollient and moisturizer and is used for treatment of sunburns, mild burns and minor skin disorders. It improves hydration, reduces itching and inflammation of the skin, accelerates and improves healing of epidermal wounds.


used as anti-itching,soothing and anti-histaminic preparation preferably used in cases of skin allergy , Skin urticaria ,sun burn and sweat rash.

used in Diaper rash due to its creamy , emollient and anti- Inflammatory effect.  

Inflammatory reactions associated with itching.

 Insect bites associated with Skin irritations.

Skin allergy associated with drugs or food.

All cases of contact dermatitis.

Skin rash associated with chickenpox (varicella Zoster)and measles.

-Dosage/ Application:

Apply the lotion to the affected area and rub gently 2-3 times daily  or as directed by the physicians.

-Side effects:

Son free  lotion with no reported side effect.


For external use only.

Keep  away from the reach of children.


Son free  lotion bottle  contains120ml.

Storage: store between 15-30 degree.