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Sonakto cream preparation contains a variety of ingredients, which have proved to be of great value as aid in the treatment of piles,anal priuritis and anal fissures .
It contains:-
-Chamomile  extract:
Strong and potent anti-inflammatory, which  has cortisone like action without any side effect beside its effects as antibacterial &anti fungal Moreover it has  soothing effect which gives  calming sensation.

panthenol acts as potent moisturizer, preventing dryness and making the skin feel smoother and softer.

panthenol is converted to pantothenic acid , it induces such beneficial effects as the regeneration of damaged permeability barriers and/or stabilization of the barrier function, as well as decreasing local inflammation.

A powerful anti-oxidant, which helps in skin tissues regeneration.  

 -  H.Extract :                                                                                                                
 The main active ingredients of this plant are phenolic acids, flavonic and flavanic derivatives, It is used as healing and astringent formulation for cream.
Moreover sonakto cream contains natural products which acts as local anaesthetic and improves blood supply to  smooth muscles which leads to relief pain and relax sphincteric spasm In internal and external haemorrhoids.

Apply the cream with the finger on the painful or pruritic area two-three times daily and after each  bowel evacuation  or as directed by the physicians.
Sonakto cream tube contains 50 gm.

-Side Effects:
 Sonakto cream is natural product with no reported side effect..

Store at room temperature.