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Sonsept Solution


A unique combination of natural and chemical  components giving the maximum health care and incorporate highly effective antiseptic ingredients.

à antiseptic/antimicrobial liquid used as family safe product.

à unique combination used for all family on a daily basis to get rid of the

à bacteria that cause disease.

à Powerful antimicrobial with freshing odour

à Powerful antiseptic,bactericidal and  fungicidal

à Pleasant odour without staining or irritation.-

à Sonssept liquid:- bactericidal/bacteriostaticproduct

à Sonssept liquid:- Fungicidal and sporicidal product.

à Sonssept liquid :_a long-lasting antiseptic  liquid.

Û  Sonsept contains Chlorhexidine Gluconatewhich is  effective against  both gram-positive and gram-negative microbes.

Û  Sonsept  contains Cocamidopropyl betaine (CAPB) CAPB  is a synthetic surfactant  relief irritation moreover has antiseptic properties.

Û  Sonsept  contains Cetrimide  which is an effective antiseptic agent against bacteria and fungi.

Û  Sonsept  contains Methylparaben is an anti-fungal agent

Û  Sonsept  contains Propylparaben which gives cooling effect leading to calming sensation.

Û  Pine oil disinfectants are relatively effective against many bacteria


*       wounds&abrasions.

*       skin infections.

*       Gynaecological applications e.g. pre&post operative,mixed vaginal infection

*       disinfectant for surgical insruments.

*       disinfectant for hands &skin.

*       antiseptic in internal and external piles,anal fissures .

*       Home Hygiene 

*       Nursing and patient rooms

*       Floors in hospitals and private clinics

*       Antiseptic forTissues and towels, children's clothes


Ø  One-three teaspoonful in one litre of warm water for Home Hygiene  , rooms, Floors and for Tissues and towels, children's clothes

Ø  One teaspoonful in one litre of warm water as a surgical scrub, hand rinse, and topical antiseptic.

Ø  One teaspoonful in one litre of warm water as water bath Used as local antiseptic in case of piles,anal fissures.

         dose  may be increase according to the need or as directed by the physicians.

Ê  Side effects: Sonssept liquid with no reported side effect

Ê  Packing:sonsept liquid  bottle  contains200ml.

Ê  Storage:at room temperature..

Ê  Contra-indications:with no reported side effect

Ê  Warning:.  For external use only

Keep away from the reach of children