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Victor cream
The natural massage cream , used effectively in treatment of rheumatic pain, arthritis, low back pain and sprains to fast pain relief in these disorders and reduce the swelling of joints.
‏Containing the following active ingredients:-
‏-Camphor:  Counter-irritant, which increases local blood supply leading to analgesic 
‏and anti-inflammatory effect. 
-‏Lavender oil: It has long been used in the production of  "Aromatherapy".The scent has a calming effect which may aid in relaxation and the reduction of the muscular pain.
‏-Menthol : Stimulates the cold sensitive receptors on skin , which results in fast pain relief and giving a cool sensation.
-‏Eucalyptus  :  It has rubefacient effect that promotes blood circulation and generates warm feeling which reduces and eases muscular spasm and arthritis.
‏-Chamomile extract:-
‏Strong and potent anti-inflammatory which has cortisone like action without any side effects. Beside its effects as anti -bacterial &anti-fungal, moreover it has soothing effect which gives calming sensation.
Victor Cream 
‏Fast and effective pain relief.
‏Powerful analgesic effect.
‏Effective natural elements.
‏High skin penetration power.
‏Victor Cream is  indicated for:-
‏Rheumatic pain,                          
‏Muscle spasm,
‏Sciatica and lumbago,               
‏Low back pain,                     
‏Neck pain .
‏-Dosage/ Application:-
‏   Apply cream to the affected area from  two – three times daily 
‏ or as directed by the physicians.
‏Victor cream is available on tubes contains 30&50&75 gm.
-Side effects:-
Victor cream with no reported side effects.
‏For external use only.
‏Keep away from the reach of children.
‏-Storage: Store between 15-30 degree  .